AI Music Meet Up at SXSW

Whether you’re an AI music founder, a record label, or artist manager, now is the time to figure out how AI and music will evolve together. This AI Music Meet Up is built to help you meet more people in a SXSW hour than you might meet in a whole day.

This will be facilitated as a lightning fast intros followed by open networking. This is the spot to learn how to monetize music with AI, learn about the latest music making tools that use AI, share your beliefs on the ethics of AI in music, and more. Bring your QR codes, biz cards, or flyers and let’s get meeting!

Hosts Dmitri Vietze (Rock Paper Scissors) and Tracy Maddux (Artes Management) are seasoned facilitators who have been active in music innovation for decades.

AI Music Meetup at SXSW 2024 with Tracy Maddux and Dmitri Vietze

About Rock Paper Scissors:

Founded in 1999, Rock Paper Scissors, Inc. is a music tech PR firm composed of a diverse team of communicators, creatives, and business minds. We have represented thousands of projects from six continents. Our roster includes clients in music technology, music gear, B2B music agencies, music consumer products and apps, artist-facing and label services, music sync platforms, music AI, fintech for music, and much more.

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About Dmitri Vietze:

Born in Nashville, Dmitri moved to NYC as a teen where he busked in the subways while studying music at “the Fame High School” for Music and the Arts. After earning his business degree, he leaned into his entrepreneurial bent and launched rock paper scissors in 1999. His vision was to combine cutting edge technology and deep organic storytelling to help clients crystallize their missions in compelling ways and amplify them in innovative ways.

He continues to lead the company from music to tech and into other fields that are changing the world every day. When others told him that the company he envisioned would not succeed in college town Bloomington, Indiana, he took that as a challenge and has built a collaborative team that leans into the Midwestern ethic of hard work, warmth, and caring. Dmitri stays at the cutting edge of music tech innovation by hosting the weekly Music Tectonics podcast, monthly Seismic Activity events, and the annual Music Tectonics conference. He can also be found speaking on stage at conferences ranging from SXSW to Music Biz on new approaches to publicity, innovation, and resourcefulness.

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