PR for Weirdos: Start Your Startup PR Plan Now (at SXSW)

Join RPS’s Chief Strategy Officer Tristra Newyear Yeager for an insightful, actionable workshop on PR for startups! SXSW badge and advance sign-up required.

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Startups often jump into PR because they feel they have to. It can feel like dull, meaningless bullshit. Yet PR can work wonders when you let yourself be a weirdo. PR prep can weave into your mindset long before you’re ready to put out your first news or hire an agency. Its storyfinding side can feed your company culture and contribute to marketing and product conversations.

This workshop takes a brutally honest, intensely practical look at the elements and purposes of PR–and how you can prime yourself for maximum impact when the time is right. First, using a model our team has developed over decades of practice, we’ll dig into the basics, the why, when, how. For the second half, we’ll use concrete resources to work on your own weird PR plan you can take with you.

About Tristra Newyear Yeager

As Rock Paper Scissors’ Chief Strategy Officer, Tristra oversees PR and client services and guides strategic planning at a high level. Tristra has been a creative force at Rock Paper Scissors for nearly two decades, crafting PR strategy for clients at every stage of the business cycle and in many music innovation niches, from B2B back-end services to DTC music-making gear. With over 20 years of writing, editing, and research experience plus a PhD to her name, she’s known for synthesizing copious amounts of knowledge at the speed of light. Tristra’s work is driven by a love of music that stems from her days as a record store employee, continuing through her career as a professional singer and at a concert presenter in New York, and into her life as a publicist. She writes novels and researches Siberian history in her spare time.

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