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CD Baby

When CD Baby came to RPS, they were hesitant because of a past bad experience with a PR firm. But they knew the tech stack and customer service they had built in recent years was little known beyond their existing fanatic user base. With a steady cadence and clever strategy combining announcements, benchmarks, and thought leadership, CD Baby became the benchmark, winning the largest share of voice for independent music distributors.

RPS has been a fantastic partner. In addition to helping launch and program our three DIY Conferences, they regularly help us get visibility for our brands worldwide. For example, they helped immensely with my most recent Billboard Op-Ed, which required a high level of data sharing and collaboration with YouTube. In fact, all of the OpEds I’ve done the past 5 years have a bit of my DNA and theirs, including Billboard, Music Business Worldwide and Music Ally. They’ve also assisted in getting exclusive coverage in the New York Times, twice, as well as numerous mentions in articles in other retail publications. In short, my experience is, ‘Like Wow!’ 

Tracy Maddux, CEO, AVL Digital/CD Baby


Having tried PR over the years, Bandsintown was weary but ready to try again. Initial efforts were decent, but things really took off when the company was faced with a total shift in the live music scene. As a concert discovery platform, they quickly added in livestreaming discovery and concert curation among other things. All of a sudden rps had several announcements every week to get out. Our fast messaging, pitching, and overall pace led to a huge amount of press that opened doors for partnerships with some of the biggest household names in music.


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Highlights from Rolling Stone, Wall Street Journal, Pollstar, Vox, Bloomberg, Resident Advisor, and many more.


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Art + Logic

It’s tough to get PR when you are a software agency. Clients don’t want your agency to get credit; they paid for their successes! But RPS worked with Art + Logic to find just the right stories and thought leadership content that landed them article after article. And since we are deeply connected in music and tech, our PR work stretches beyond press and leads to strategy and introductions.

We were looking for a way to expand our visibility and grow our market while getting the word out about our 30 years of expertise in software development. The team at rock paper scissors started helping us work toward these goals right out of the gate. They’re a smart, talented, passionate bunch, and we’re glad to be working with them. We’ve seen some amazing results. Specifically, RPS hasn’t just helped us get more visibility and press coverage, they also introduced us to Arabian Prince at their Music Tectonics conference and helped us reach a broader audience for our software development services. They’ve also done a fantastic job getting the word out about our involvement in the development of MIDI 2.0. We’re thrilled to work with such a smart, talented, passionate team.

J. Carlos Perez, Director of Marketing, Art + Logic


Launching an app for independent musicians can be tough. There is so much competition and the first step is getting users. RPS was able to boost visibility for SoundStorming’s launch event. That got them press that attracted thousands of new users to download the app.


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Highlights from Pitchfork, Forbes, Reverb, and Water & Music

Working with RPS has been a great experience for us. They completely understood the vision of the company and the right placements and media channels to get the most out of the campaign. They helped us launch the platform and gain visibility and attention, not just from the music industry, but from culture and popular media. They built a team of top professional people that felt like they were part of our own company. They put us in top magazines and blogs like Pitchfork, and Reverb, as well as some great podcasts. Thanks to them, we were featured in placements that we would’ve never gotten if it wasn’t for their connections and expertise. We will definitely work together again for our next PR campaign

Arnau Bosch, Co-Founder/CEO, SoundStorming


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Loudr enlisted RPS for publicity leading up to being acquired by Spotify. We helped Loudr demonstrate that they had perfect solutions for the challenges faced by streaming services. For example, during our campaign, we helped Loudr’s CEO secure this opinion piece.

I could not recommend RPS more highly. The elements that I enjoyed the most were the weekly reports with a list of all our prospective targets and the process made on each. They are proactive, organized and lovely to work with.

Chris Crawford, CEO, Loudr


As the music industry conference market heated up, MIDEM brought on rps to increase their presence in the U.S. press. We worked hard to help them translate their value proposition to the U.S. market and started securing press coverage. Then COVID-19 hit and everything changed. MIDEM went online, and RPS turned up the heat and landed even more attention, including in outlets MIDEM had never been covered by before.


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